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Storytelling afternoon / 2023

On the last Saturday of September, we celebrated the Hungarian Folktale Day. To celebrate this day, we held a storytelling afternoon where many children gathered to watch and play. The afternoon started with a screening of folk tales in the story corner. Popcorn and many other treats enhanced the cinematic atmosphere. While the children played and watched the fairytales, parents had time for a long walk, relaxation, or a good chat. Later, the pizza arrived and everyone had a slice. In the second half of the day, some people ducked back in to watch a story and others went for a run outside to take advantage of the good weather. The boys were mostly busy playing football and basketball, while the girls and I had a huge game of hide and seek, which brought lots of smiles to our faces. We had a great time, no wonder we were so tired!

Petra Piroska Póda



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