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Hungarian folk dance classes in Auckland

Education and community building through dance


After much anticipation, folk dance classes are back in Auckland. We started the first session with a video and a chat to map out what we were going to learn, and then we got down to business. As a warm up we learnt a simpler couples dance (Hoina) and then we started to work on the mezőségi dance. The teaching is relatively slow, thereby everyone can learn the steps at their own pace, and later on they can use them accurately and without thinking. I think our little group has already learned a lot in the first session, so I can say with great confidence that we will be able to put together a beautiful choreography in time! 

We are still really at the beginning of our learning process, so we welcome everyone who would like to join the dance group! The next session will take place on April 23rd, we look forward to seeing everyone!

Tuesday 23 April, 7pm-9pm.


St. John the Baptist Anglican Church, 47 Church Street, Northcote Point, Auckland 0627

Petra Póda Piroska



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