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The Auckland Hungarian Club was founded by Hungarians who arrived to New Zealand in 1956; the organization has been operating as an incorporated society since 1970. Our club has more than 200 members and is the largest Hungarian community organization in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.


Our members vary greatly by their ages and dates of arrival here in New Zealand: some have lived here for decades, some have arrived only a few years ago but have already found their places. We have a wide range of interesting people, including recent immigrants. We have a lot in common, but above all, we all consider it important to promote Hungarian culture (such as traditions, gastronomy, and folklore) and to introduce it to the younger generations of Hungarians and those of Hungarian origin, as well as to people of various cultural backgrounds living in this country.


Anyone who would like to have a good conversation in Hungarian, English, or any other language is welcome to our club days! There are some of us whose native language is Hungarian, and we still use it for everyday communication. We also have a large number of members who, although they do not speak Hungarian as native language, are connected to the language and values representing Hungary through their families and their heritage. Club days are held every month and offer an opportunity to meet with old friends, make new acquaintances, commemorate Hungarian holidays together, have a delicious dinner, or buy Hungarian food products.


In addition to the club day, we also offer a number of other programs every year: leisure activities to explore Auckland and the wider area, quiz nights, kids programs, participation in local ethnic and cultural programs etc. In addition, once a month we meet with families and children at the Hungarian School in Auckland (AUskola) and the playgroup for a weekend Hungarian school session. Many members of the club participate in the regular meetings of the ‘Nőegylet - Women's Association’ and are enriched by shared reading events held by the Auckland Hungarian Book Club. Our professional work was assisted for several years by the scholarship recipients of the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor program, who always enriched the community with their personalities and skills.


We welcome all feedback, help, and suggestions regarding the club’s operation, programs, and development opportunities, and we welcome new applicants not only to the club, but also to the smaller sub-organizations belonging to it. It is a long-held wish and the biggest goal of the community to have its own clubhouse, where not only club days but other gatherings (book club, market, school sessions, playgroup) could be held, or even a library of Hungarian books from legacies and offerings could be created.


For those who are moving to New Zealand, or are in the process of planning their move, we can provide you with a lot of useful information about travel, establishment, and integration — feel free to contact us!

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