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  • you can be part of an active and close-knit

  • you get to converse in both Hungarian and English

  • you have the opportunity to meet interesting people and hear their stories

  • you can receive information regarding travel, settling down, work, events and programs

  • you can partake in the planning of the Hungarian Diaspora’s present and future in New Zealand

  • by volunteering: if you have the time, energy, willingness and skills, we encourage any volunteers interested in helping out with the club’s day-to-day activities, or those of its various programs, to contact us (e.g. anyone who can paint faces, create webpages, write Facebook posts, can cook or bake, create balloon art, organize events, apply for grants, have a good conversation with others, design posters, read poems, or has a sense for decoration etc.)

  • by paying membership: by paying a membership, you are making sure that we can continue to hire the facilities where we host our club days

  • by donating: You can also help by donating money or leaving some of your assets for the club


In Person

Szaktudás, idő, plusz energia

a közösségért – minden segítséget köszönünk!


123 Rockfield Rd,

Penrose, Auckland,

New Zealand


Amennyiben szeretnél

kártyával fizetni, kattints

a befizetés gombra.

Bank Transfer

Auckland Hungarian Club

ASB Bank: 12-3019-0559617-00

A banki transzfer során a megfelelő összeget a klub számlaszámára kérjük átutalni (átutaláskor kérjük, hogy a befizető nevét feltétlenül írják be referenciaként.

Let's chat

You can write to us directly

in the "Let's chat!" window

at the bottom of the website.

By Email

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