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The AUskola / Auckland Hungarian School is a community initiative established in 2020 to promote, strengthen and develop knowledge of the Hungarian language and culture through the respect and learning of the values brought from Hungary and created by the Hungarian community in New Zealand.

The school sessions are held monthly, usually on the first or second Saturday of each month, for five hours (10:00-15:00). Our main goal is to get children to enjoy attending the sessions, and to build a strong, good community that can ensure the transmission of language and culture across generations.

Currently, there are around 40 children attending the sessions who study in four groups:

  • 5-8 year olds

  • 9-11 year olds

  • 12-16 year old students

  • Hungarian as a foreign language group

We welcome the application of all interested families!


Richmond Road School hall / location will change from May 2024

Contact and more information:

The Facebook page of the Hungarian School is available here

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