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October Club day / 2023

The October club day was held in the familiar venue of the Holland House, where the focus was on Hungarian folk dance. KCSP scholarship holder Petra Piroska Póda, alongside Edina Kuki and her husband Hunor Csomortáni, delighted our members and guests with a mezuzah dance performance and singing, followed by an impromptu dance house with audience participation.

Afterwards, the Auckland Hungarian Club Board bid farewell to the two Sándor Kőrösi Csoma Programme Fellows for the year 2023, Ágota Győri and Petra Piroska Póda - this was the last Club Day they could attend before their return home in December, so for them, this was also a farewell event. In addition to salami, sausages, and other meat products, the Hungarian Sausage Box prepared the club dinner, which this time paprikás krumpli with pickles. Anyone who then wanted a sweet treat could easily find one among Szilvia Nagyné Nagy's homemade cakes.

It was a pleasure to see that besides all the familiar faces, there were more and more newcomers to the club day, who would like to join the local Hungarian community and its activities.

Ágota Győri, Petra Piroska Póda



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