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AUskola and AHC family picnic / 2023

A truly eventful and exciting year for the Hungarian community in Auckland! And what better way to end the year than with an outdoor picnic! The Grey Lynn Park hosted the family event, in which anyone from the youngest to the oldest could participate who wanted a social experience and a Christmas atmosphere. The huge sycamore trees provided a pleasant shade for the picnic, and it felt good to lie down on the cool grass in the heat.

The picnic is also the last "teaching day" of the year for the AUskola: traditionally, the school year ends with an obstacle race. Can you believe that we have already completed our fourth year in 2023? The pump track in the Grey Lynn park and its surroundings proved to be an excellent location for the multi-station obstacle race, during which the children had to solve logic, skill and movement tasks. There were places where they had to wheelbarrow each other from point A to point B, in other places the children could try painting with their feet, or they even had to steal pegs from each other's backs! Jumping in the sack in the heat was a test of strength, after which you could cool off with the 'accidentally' dropped water balloons. The tossing and scoring games caused enough excitement, and of course there were competitions this year too, for the completion of which there was a nice reward!

Thank you to all the families who prepared fantastic treats for the table again this year, and a special thank you to Peti for the fresh, delicious Hungarian lángos!

The highlight of the day was once again the visit of Santa Claus, who stuffed his huge sack with lots of goodies, including szaloncukor and Balaton szelet, rewarding the always well-mannered Hungarian children and youth.

We had a wonderful day together again this year, thank you all again for your participation, the good mood, the many smiles and the time spent together! See you next year!

Viola Vadász



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