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Hungarian Success at the DocEdge Festival / 2023

Hungarian film Missing 10 Hours was chosen as the best VR project at the DocEdge Festival 2023 in New Zealand.

On 3 June, at the 18th DocEdge Documentary Film Festival, the Best International VR (Virtual Reality) Award was won by a Hungarian film, the VR project Missing 10 hours (RUMEXR, Match Frame Productions) directed by Fanni Fekete. DocEdge is perhaps New Zealand's most prestigious documentary film festival. The winner was selected from a field of 25 entries. Missing 10 hours is the first fully Hungarian-funded VR, culminating in Krisztina Meggyes' documentary of the same title (still in production). Missing 10 Hours is a complex project with three pillars. Its components are a documentary, VR and a research.

The starting point is Krisztina Meggyes' personal story, in which she tries to find out what happened to her in the 10 hours that she was missing from her life, because someone put Gina (GHB - a party drug that erases memory completely and makes you cooperative at the same time) in her drink. Kriszti woke up in the police station the next day with no memory of anything. The documentary film, besides trying to unravel the events of the missing 10 hours, aims to deal with the trauma of the absence. The award winning VR, directed by Fanni Fazekas, is a multimedia project using state of-the-art XR technology to raise awareness among young people about the dangers of GHB and to reduce the so-called bystander effect, a social psychological phenomenon studied by American psychologist Phillip Zimbardo. The more people who can help in a given situation, the less likely it is that someone will help. Zimbardo explains this phenomenon by the distribution of responsibility, i.e. the more people there are, the more likely we are to think that someone else will solve the situation.

The experience of a VR project is different from a film in that it involves us more in the story. In the VR experience of Missing 10 Hours, we find ourselves in a club with a group of people. Wearing VR goggles, we can look around each location, touch certain objects, make choices in certain situations. Would you get drunk in a nightclub with a drink offered by someone you just met? What would you do if your instincts told you that someone in your party was in danger of having GHB in their drink? Would you have the guts to say something before trouble happens ? (The situation is difficult: even though I have been involved in the making of the Missing 10 hours documentary for years and have studied the subject in depth, I still failed the test).

Fanni Fazakas at the world premiere of VR at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

Missing 10 hours VR is for young people in the language of young people. The VR experience makes you think, starts a conversation and stays with you long afterwards. The team's goal is to bring Missing 10 Hours to as many young people and as many schools as possible. I think this is a project we can be really proud of.

Eliza Zolnai


Missing 10 hours

Written by: Fazekas Fanni, Meggyes Krisztina és Kertész Zsanett

Prodicers: Szakonyi Noémi Veronika, Vincze Máté Artur,

Bényi Dániel és Fésüs Réka

RUMEXR, Match Frame Productions


The creative team at the Hungarian premiere




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