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Hungarian youth meeting in Auckland / 2023

Young people of Hungarian origin living in New Zealand first met and made friends at the Hungarian camp. The camp remained an important meeting point for them, but as time went on they felt the need to meet outside the camp. Last year and this April, they organised their own get-togethers lasting several days.

During the meetings, 17-18 young people from three different cities, Rotorua, New Plymouth and here in Auckland, gather at one of their camps and do different activities for 3-4 days: sightseeing, bowling, partying and laughing together. It has almost become a tradition among them. This April they were in Auckland for four days, so we had the pleasure of meeting them.

We got to know a very close-knit, open and good-humoured group. We hope to meet them again!

Petra Piroska Póda



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