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August Club Day / 2023

We welcomed our members and guests to a new venue, Richmond Road School, for our August Club Day, with a variety of activities for all ages.

In commemoration of the national holiday of August 20, Péter Faragó, member of the AHC Club Committee, gave a speech, followed by the breaking of the new bread.

On our club day, our vendors offered all kinds of Hungarian delicacies on the spot; among other pastries, those with a sweet tooth could also taste the New Zealand version of the Country's cake from Szilvia Nagyné Nagy. For those who preferred savoury dishes, the Hungarian Sausage Box offered a variety of meats, sausages and salamis. The club's dinner was also a traditional roast sausage, accompanied by mustard and sauerkraut!

In addition to the fair atmosphere, there was also an opportunity for cultural enrichment: on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the poet and revolutionary Sándor Petőfi, the club members could see a travelling exhibition.

The younger children were not left without activities either: they had the opportunity to make their own crowns and to shape their own loaves from salt and flour dough. The children who had made greetings cards for "Hungary's Birthday", as we had asked them to do earlier, were rewarded with goodies and an impromptu exhibition of their creations was also held.

The varied program and food offered the opportunity to commemorate the holiday, relax, chat with friends, or just enjoy the flavors of our home country.

The next Club Day will take place on 8 October, where we are looking forward to welcoming everyone again for a relaxed and enjoyable sunny afternoon!

Ágota Győri



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