We welcome anyone with non-Hungarian origin to contact us and to be a member, if he or she is interested in the Hungarian culture, cuisine and traditions.

Our Goals

  1. To support the Hungarian community in New Zealand, including helping Hungarians settled in New Zealand maintain their language, culture and customs.
  2. To help Hungarians in New Zealand integrate into New Zealand society.
  3. To promote awareness of Hungarian customs and culture within the wider community in New Zealand.

Our Activities

We achieve our goals by doing the following activities:

  • Holding regular monthly meetings where Hungarian style meals are provided
  • Supporting the social welfare of elderly members, for example visits while in hospital
  • Providing language support, for example interpreting at weddings etc.
  • Acknowledging births, marriages and deaths within the Hungarian community
  • Providing support including premises and costumes to the Hungarian Folk Dance Group
  • Commemorating Hungarian national days
  • Preserving knowledge of Hungarian history and culture
  • Providing language classes for children and adults
  • Supporting the Hungarian Kindergarten
  • Maintenance of the Hungarian language library
  • Integrating the Hungarian Kindergarten with the Club when appropriate premises become available
  • Hosting sporting events for members
  • Any other activity which the Committee considers consistent with the objects of the Club.

Current Club Rules

Club Rules – English version (pdf 52KB)

Supporters needed

We would like to offer opportunities to support our Club by doing the following activities occasionally:

  1. Playing with older kids (over 5 years old) while the little ones are in the Kids Club with their parents
  2. Organising sport events, activities
  3. Organising excursions

Membership Fees

The members support the club by paying annual membership fee and donating some of their time, money or not needed sport equipments, etc.

  • Single person: $35
  • Couple: $50
  • Family: $50
  • Single pensioner: $30
  • Pensioner couple: $40

Please could the members check the expiry date on their membership card and pay their annual fee if overdue. Membership fees expire on the 31st March each year.

Club Day Programs

  • 15:00:
    Our kids club, the “Nefelejcs Ovi-Suli” entertains the little ones (up to 5 years old) and then the older ones (between 5-10 years old) with some games, songs, plays and library of books and DVDs. The adults can play different board and card games and participate in different sport and fun championships.
  • 17:00:
    Typical Hungarian dishes and desserts for dinner with free tea and coffee.

Our Address

Holland House, 123 Rockfield Rd, Penrose